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Disaster Recovery (DR)

Goodwin Consulting offers expertise in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (BC) planning. We specialize in working with organizations to develop processes, policies, and procedures in preparation for the continuation of technology infrastructure—after a natural or human-induced disaster. With the increasing reliance on technology, IT professionals have become aware of just how important it is to keep critical IT infrastructure functioning in the midst of disruptive events. After identifying critical elements of the business—and the associated IT infrastructure—we then collaborate with our clients in developing key metrics for determining their Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).



We procure a wide range of Colocation services for our clients—and we assist them in selecting the best solution based on our collaborative Disaster Recovery planning. One of the first aspects of Colocation that we address for our clients is whether the Colocation facility needs to be managed or un-managed. This is often determined by the proximity requirements of the CoLo—and how many IT employees your organization has available in this area.


Our consultative approach addresses the detailed Colocation requirements for: single vs dual-generator, fire suppression, A and B-feed power, power density, security technology, SAS 70, physical security, cooling, and the ability to cross-connect to other providers. Because Goodwin Consulting offers the distinct advantage of being able to procure Colocation services from many different providers—we recommend the facility best-suited to each client's unique requirements.


Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Whether your organization has multiple offices in one metro, nationwide, or globally—Goodwin Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of private data solutions designed to meet your wide area network requirements. These WAN solutions include:

  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) – Ideal for multi-location networks and key to convergence, MPLS offers improved service quality, reliability, and security, especially for your IP-based applications and VPNs.
  • PTP (Point to Point) – For WAN networks that require hub and spoke architecture—point to point solutions are available in a variety of line speeds to meet your specifications—from T1, DS3, OCx on up to private self-healing SONET Rings.
  • Ethernet—Ethernet is an ideal data transport solution for linking multiple locations to create a seamless WAN environment. It allows organizations to connect their LANs at various locations within a metro, national, or global area—utilizing a fiber backbone.
  • Backup Networks – We specialize in offering both primary and backup WAN networks to ensure business continuity for our clients. Backup networks can be provisioned via TDM, Ethernet, Cable, DSL, WiFi, Satellite, or Microwave.



From high quality, high speed Internet connectivity for critical applications—to low cost, shared Internet for small offices—Goodwin Consulting can offer a complete range of solutions to our clients. Because Goodwin Consulting partners with dozens of different providers—we can deliver anything from shared Internet via Cable to Dedicated Internet via T1, DS3, OCx and Ethernet up to 10Gig.



Goodwin Consulting offers the full range of voice services including PRI, POTS, Digital Trunks, Conference Calling, Toll Free, VOIP, and SIP Trunking. We specialize in procuring and managing both the primary voice services with "Provider A" and the failover voice services with "Provider B" for our clients. This superior approach allows our clients to have a single point of contact who can handle both voice networks—as well as the auto re-routing between them.



Converged solutions allow clients the ability to combine their WAN, Internet, and Voice services all in one cohesive and managed solution. This simplifies the circuit design and handoff by combining all of these services onto one delivery platform—which can utilize any of the following transport:

  • T1
  • NxT1
  • DS3
  • OCx
  • Ethernet – 10/100, GigE
  • Optical – Gig, 10Gig
  • Cable
  • DSL



Cloud solutions are a scalable, reliable, and cost effective way to access information technology at any time from anywhere. This allows organizations to reduce their costs on expensive and complicated IT infrastructure and utilize a managed platform that is housed in an efficient, scalable, and secure data center. Servers, desktop applications, web applications, business software, and data can all be accessed easily and securely via private data connectivity or the internet.