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Advice You Can Trust

With a combination of solid Telecom experience and up-to-date industry product knowledge, Goodwin Consulting offers our clients expert advice on internet, voice, private data, Colocation solutions—as well as evolving technologies. With so many Telecom providers globally, and due to the fact that each provider has their own distinct set of strengths and weaknesses, our clients know they can trust Goodwin Consulting's industry expertise to help them accurately differentiate between the various offerings available in today's marketplace. Our clients are then empowered to make educated procurement decisions—which results in the optimal configuration of their network.


Our Consultative Approach

Our straightforward consultative approach sets us apart from the direct sales reps in the industry. Obviously direct sales reps are limited to only being able to offer services from the one provider they work for. Whereas Goodwin Consulting—with access to over 35 Telecom providers—offers its clients a key advantage as compared to what any direct rep can suggest. Invariably a multi-vendor network solution designed by Goodwin Consulting can far better address the needs of our clients by combining the very best strengths from multiple providers.


Your Single Point-of-Contact

As voice and data networks continue to evolve and converge—IT professionals are frequently being tasked with additional responsibilities. Also most organizations have more than one Telecom provider that they have to interface with—and in addition are being inundated with cold calls from direct sales reps at numerous other providers. Clients have repeatedly told us that it is both challenging and time consuming to manage what they have—no less to fully understand and compare all the different services—from all these providers. They have discovered that meeting with all the direct sales reps is not practical—as they end up with too many people calling on them. With Telecom services consistently being updated and renamed by the providers for marketing reasons, this just adds to the confusion. Ultimately many clients find it difficult to ascertain what the best solution really is for their organization.


Goodwin Consulting simplifies the management of your Telecom network by being your single point-of-contact—which saves you time and allows you to focus on your core initiatives.


Long Term Relationships

Increasingly the Telecom industry has become a revolving door due to the high turnover rate of direct sales reps. Even if the direct rep you have been working with is still employed by your provider, often times Telecom companies are moving their customers from one direct rep to another—for their own internal reasons. In either case—this is disconcerting to clients who lose the rep they have been working with—and many are left feeling that it is not in their best interest to have someone new handling their account.


Obviously clients prefer to continue to work with someone they already know—and can trust will be there long term to represent them—regardless of whether their services or providers change over time. A long term relationship with Goodwin Consulting isn't just with our company, more importantly, it means a long term relationship with a specific representative who has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of your company—and all your service providers. And if another provider comes along in the future offering you better value for your money—you will have the ability to migrate to a new provider without having to lose your trusted representative at Goodwin Consulting. This provides our clients with the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens in the Telecom industry over time—Goodwin Consulting will be there long term to support them.